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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Episode 09

Ok, finally, it's here! after taking my sweet time of this episode. I finally decided to make my blog post for Oreimo episode 9. I watched this episode 20 times, and still it makes me laugh. The episode starts-off with Kirino waiting for her order of Eroge game.
As early as morning she only thinks about eroge. A poison in your hands Kirino.
Give-up Kyou. As usual, Aniki can't do anything about his imouto's fetishes.
A few shots from Kuro-Neko's home.

I must say this, I am surprised on this particular scene in the episode! It's quite odd to see Kuro-Neko in ordinary clothes. I found her circumstances interesting compare to Kirino and Saori. Kirino is in upper-middle class, Saori is one hell of Oujo-sama, she even have her maids and Kuro-Neko is in lower-middle class. And mostly likely she has hard times with her life. Now I am certified intrigue.
You are wrong Ayase! She's playing eroge while your doing photoshoot.
Look how hideous that face is.
Kirino just finished installing her game. Forgot the title. And start playing.
Now she's pissed!
The game is mouth-offing Kirino!
She even pointed at you! 
A Priceless Work of Art.
It appears that the game she bought was totally not her like, at first. Rolleyes. Rinko-chuwan, a perfect embodiment of herself in a game. She sure is 100% tsun and 0% dere, I like how the representation was done here. She, Kirino, doesn't even realize that she has the same attitude as to her when she's bitching Kyou! Thank god Rinko for giving Kirino her dose of medicine.

Kirino: She kills bunnies when she's mad.
This is how Imouto should be! Yeah!
And Kirino decided to drop Rinko's route and go to her twin sister's route instead, which I totally forgot her name. Anyhow let's just enjoy the HNNNNNGGGG Part of the episode. HNNNNNGGGGG!!!
A new definition of Death By Moe? - Kirino caught off guard as the twin sister say "Onii-chan dai-suki"
After hearing such phrase Kirino went to a psychopath-moe-addictus! First she went to her otaku closet.
Second, she put-up a la Kiss X Sis game (Points at the poster lol).
Put on some headset
Jump-in to your bed
Grab the super-high-technology mouse! Hell! I didn't know something like this exist!
And click "Onii-chan Dai-Suki!"
Another round of Onii-chan dai suki
Oh woman!
Another one!
She finally orgasm.
Let's go back at Gouko's household. I really don't know how to react here .... it's a CRT televu. Now, I am a hundred percent moe for Kuro-Neko.
Imouto watching Meruru. This is quite a cute scene, Kuro-Neko really does love her youngest sister <3
Another Priceless Reaction from Kirino
And your making not cute reaction as well Kiririn-shi.
The game is bitching you!
She's seriously bloody mad!
Meanwhile, somewhere out there not Saori's mansion.
HOLY COW! She is really an Oujo-sama! look at the pastries!
And she got butlers!
Oh, Ok, I can see what will be the next episode all about. Otaku in maid outfit waitering in some restaurant in Akihabara, I assume.
Saori do not wear bra!
Another shot! she doesn't wear under garments!
Look! Dammit! We're almost close to see her face!
I could come-up with many reasons why Saori wants to hide her face to others. May be she don't want to let others know that she likes anime just like Kirino or something bad happened to her before, something like internet trolls or predators. Anyways, I'm looking forward to her arc-like episode. Hopefully it could get an anime adaptation.
Ah ~ Kuro-Neko baby-sitting her imouto.
Phone is ringing
Kuro-Neko look who is it.
It's best-friend's Onii-sama!
Moshi Moshi ...
I like how she panicked and blush when Kyou  calls her over the phone.
Kuro-Neko is shy!
She refuses to let that side of her to be seen by us! mere humans!
Kyou! You! You! You!!!!!!! Range meter exploded!
Kuro-Neko: a very well balanced tsundere.
Eroge Anime - Should I be turn-on?
Taking a shower after playing games in front of computer? that's bad Kirino ~_~
That PANTSU! - it always got it scene.
Kirino embarassed. She slap Kyou once again.
Let's feast on Kirino's fansabisu. Damn that arms obscuring the good part
That is odd manly.
Ok, She's done.
Aniki snap!
Kirino startled!
Kirino start bitching at the wall!
You should fap while listening to your little sister moaning Kyou. I know you want it too.
That's alot of Kuro-Neko (Black Cats)
She really is short ~ which makes her so cute.


Imouto's thinks their Onee-sama has some loose screw in her head.
What a lovely pose! death by cuteness!
Rinko = Kirino; Aniki = Kyousuke. Why does it have to be so look alike Kyou?!
Ok, Now I know, I should make this my signature in forums!
Kawaii Onee-sama, Kawaii Imouto, This anime wants me to die with cuteness HNNNGG
I am inlove ~
Kyousuke come out from the bathroom.
Kirino fancy her older brother. She got mesmerized~
And start bitching Kyou. Poor Kyou
Why are you repeating the exact lines that Rinko said in the game Kirino? Do you want some kiss from your brother too? lol
Oyasumi from Kyousuke
She fell inlove!

The brouhaha this episode is does Kirino has a crush on Kyousuke? Well, for me, I guess she has a crush to Kyousuke. Remember in a certain episode Kirino said that why is her brother suddenly care for her when he already totally forget about her, that's not exactly what she said but it appears that she lost to see her brother as a brother and started thinking Kyousuke as other people, unrelated to blood, even though she knew by herself that they are blood related. It's kinda hard to explain. Just like what the message of the eroge that she played, sibling are bound not to be lovers. I like it when she finally realizes it, though it seems that she could careless. Anyhow, I a great episode this week. I'd love to see the next episode. 

About Kuro-Neko ... all I could say is she's a very cute, shy, thoughtful girl that normal otaku would fall inlove with. I love those wife that could prepare a meal for her lover. It certainly lovable. I just couldn't think straight when I'm imagining myself with Kuro-Neko. Gah! That sound so sever Kuro-Neko Syndrome!

I'm gonna force myself to blog the next episode as fast as I can!

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