Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ib (Horror RPG Indie Game) + Download Link

Ib (Horror RPG Game)

Well I just finish playing 'Ib' for about 2 and a half hours non-stop without looking into any walkthrough videos and such. It's a very cool game ... it is made from RPG Maker so the graphics is not really good if you don't like Famcom-like graphics you might not going play this. Anyway, the story is about Ib. A girl named Ib goes to an art gallery with her parents but it soon unfolds that she must search the eerie gallery filled with weird creatures for a way out. 

Gameplay is mostly consist of solving puzzles and avoiding monsters. Puzzles here are very interesting. Some are really hard to solve. Musics and sound is great. I like the title theme song and the sound effects are very well done. For the story, well it is good it's a bit creepy and scary there's a little twist in the middle of the game but the ending is a let down in my opinion plus there's this question that keeps bothering me after finishing the game. Who is Gary actually? I mean does he really exist in the real world? I mean judging by his dress-up he is wearing a tattered coat and the art gallery is most likely for middle to upper class people of society. The gallery's security might not allow him to enter seeing him dressing like that. Just random observation I noticed after beating the game anyways overall Ib is a good game. A 3.5 out of 5.

Note: You can download the game here: Mediafire (No Surveys and shit!)
I also uploaded a video walkthrough of Ib you can check it over my Youtube Channel: Yo Kynte's Wall but I do not recommend checking out a walkthrough because it may kill the enjoyment of the game.

Have fun playing!

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