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Misao (Game) - Review and Download Link

I’ve been looking around for some game to play. Something like Ib, Ao Oni and Mad Father and I stumbled upon vjhime’s tumbler page and saw Misao. Misao is an RPG-Maker game made by RinBu and was translated by vjhime/vgperson who made an english version of Ib and some horror RPG-maker games. I manage to beat the game for 1and a half hour and decided to make a review of the game. (If you are just looking for the download link you can find it at the bottom of this post :D)

Game Controls & Interface – The controls on this game is a bit messy and sometimes annoying. The game got 3 files save slots. The item “page” is a bit messy because you can only scroll down and up to select an item to equip or use rather than other games where you can fully use your arrow keys people who already played the game will probably agree with me on this one but you will get use to eventually.
Visual (Sprites, Character Illustration & Backgrounds) – I don’t care much about the graphics of the game especially because this is only made from an RPG-Maker (2D stuffs) but compare with Witch’s House and Mad Father, which I found very good in terms of visual and BGs, Misao is not that good when it comes to graphics (It reminds me of Ib but hey Ib is a good game and this one’s too. Most of those ugly in graphics games in RPG maker has a good plot in my gaming experience). The sprites in this game has huge pixels and the blood,body parts and corpses are not that gross unlike other RPG-Maker games but I like the anime-ish visual of the characters on the dialogue boxes and in some cut-scenes. I love the illustration of Misao it really fits her silent-reserve personality and I find it cute too. Well ALL of the characters fit their illustration great job for the creator.
Dialogues – Well I found some of the dialogues retarded especially the part where Aki (Main Character) was trying to save Yoshino but the chainsaw guy comes in the science lab and then she hides from the guy after dismembering Yoshino by the guy she comes out and say to Yoshino’s dismembered body “Oops I forgot saving Yoshino teehee :P” or something like that. And in the “Truth” stage (You need to beat the game before accessing the Truth) where Aki and Misao were in the bathroom listening to some girl gossips about Misao and then Misao comes out from the cubicle then I tried to go where Misao took a pee and she say “Eww so gross”. I guess this is what the author said in the Rec Room where she/he trying to put some jokes or some shit like that in the dialogues but I still found it retarded at some point (REC Room – You need to type ABANDONHOPE all in caps after turning some of your classmates in to babies).
Story & Characters – The story is about 6 students and 1 teacher trap inside some alternate world made by Misao’s curse and Aki (Main Character) needs to investigate how to uplift the curse and go back to their real world. Probably the strong point the game is its complicated plot and well developed characters. First, I thought this game doesn’t make much sense and is boring at the very beginning because I played Mad Father before this and it has some kind of curse apparently made by Aya’s Mom to kill her beloved husband who is apparently cheating on her and Aya’s Dad apparently is a freaking psycho-path who enjoying killing people and collecting beautiful body parts and make it a freaking doll. I mean I like Mad Father Game but I like the story of Misao better because of how well developed the characters are it supports the story very well (I won’t put spoilers in this post at least but you’ll find out at the very end of the story especially in the “Truth”). Unlike Witch’s House (The Witch and the MC’s Father) and Mad Father (Psychopath Doll-lover Father) antagonists where somehow bad fathers in my opinion (both of them killed their daughters) you can’t like them unless you have some loose screws in your head but in Misao you may like ‘some’ of the antagonist because they have such bad past why do they do bad things in the present which Witch’s House and Mad Father doesn’t have much. Misao shaked my feeling that’s what makes this game worthy.
The Verdict – I will rate Misao 9 out of 10 because of the plot and the characters. I think I don’t need to say much because it is already obvious if you read the paragraphs above . If there is anything need to say I guess it would be the puzzles in the game. I had a very bad time figuring some of the puzzles in the game due to bad game controls and interface like when trying to save Saotome. I thought I should use the Baseball Bat but it didn’t work. I thought the game was broke or something but it appears not but I got used to it so it doesn’t matter.

I got the bad ending in my first try and need to go back to my save so I can have the good ending by the way.

Overall great game if people like some kind of deep and a few twist in plots game and if people don’t mind the bad quality of graphics I recommend playing Misao. I’ll put a download link below just click the link don’t worry it doesn’t have virus in it I swear xP (Disclaimer I do not own this game and I did not translated or what-so-ever the game. Thank you.).

PS: I like the loading music it reminds me of Ib for some reasons =))
More Screenshots below!
~ Truth Chapter ~
~ Rec Room ~

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Misao V.02 - Translated by vjhime (not mine!)

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