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PARANOIAC - Game Review & Download Link

Mom … Please help me! You’re the only one I can count on! There’s a monster in this house! Please let me go home!! – Miki Takamura (PARANOIAC)

So here comes the PARANOIAC review! First of all, I just want to say thank you to vghime for translating another great game for us. She translated most of great pixilated/RPG-Maker games out there (Ib, Misao & The Crooked Man). And for those people who are looking for the download link just go to the bottommost of this post just click the SKIP AD to proceed to the download link and walkthroughs by vghime of course. And other than that here’s my review of PARANOIAC. 

Warning: This post contains major spoilers. Don’t read it if you haven’t beaten game but you can look in to pictures since I took a lot of them. Anyway here it goes :D 

 … Oh before that PARANOIAC is a game made by Uri who made The Crooked Man and you need extra underwear after playing PARANOIAC coz you’ll certainly pee in your pants bwahahahaha. 

Plot – the story is basically revolves around Miki who just moved-in to her Aunt (capital first letter ‘coz apparently she doesn’t have a name) to have new pacing for her work and illness. Seriously, Uri really likes this kind of moved-in-to-another-place-with-some-weird-shit-going-on setting but it really works for me ‘coz it’s creepy to start off the story with an unknown surroundings and lots of discovering adventure awaits unlike Mad Father -_-. Mad Father is a shit

Sounds – The only thing that leaves an impression to me is the walking sound effect in the house I don’t know why but its kind fun walking with sounds unlike any other games, in my opinion. And the weird chanting sound effects by the zombie creature … oh man it was fucking creepy. 
Characters – I can’t think of any complaints for the characters except for Mom and their namings. Auntie doesn’t have a name … at least she’s pretty … Miku Takamura’s name is overly used ever since 90’s and Mom is a fucking irresponsible overly zealous bitch to her sister and very own daughter! 

Miki had some character development throughout the game, at least in this kind of setting and I like the romance between her and Miura-san. I’m expecting lots of fan-made artworks with them in the future. *laughs* 
Visual – What else can I say I love it! While editing the images for this post it gives me this impression that the extra horror scenes were like very SHAFTY (An anime studio) which I like :D. It bears likeness to Bakemonogatari anime. Now come to think of it The Crooked Man’s neck was SHAFTED! 
Gameplay – Well the game is more like Ao Oni kind of game where you need to get away from the zombie-like creature that chasing you – If you get caught you died! – It was fucking intense when the thing was chasing after you. The creepiest part of the game to me is the maze-like thing beneath the empty well because you can’t see a thing and you don’t know if he’s right behind you. I was holding my breath while running from that maze-thingy. But it was really fun though. 
The Verdict: I enjoyed playing PARANOIAC quite recommendable if you’ll ask me. The jump scares start right away when night comes out unlike Uri’s The Crooked Man. As I’ve said the gameplay is freaking intense easy-to-get- scared people might not play this at night. I must say I played this alone at 1AM in the morning, the lights are off and it was freaking creepy that there might be something watching you. 

If there’s anything else to say that would probably after reading Aunt’s notepad diary where people thinks she’s a killer because her child didn’t make it and then society accused her for being a killer her husband left him all devastated … what a pussy. I don’t know that may probably just mere hallucination of Miki’s Aunt ‘coz she said she’s mentally ill but if not oh man that was pretty harsh experience for a woman. 
Rate: 8/10 because Miki is cute, Aunt is pretty and the whole game is scary as fuck. No bugs whatsoever~
And they use contraceptives that's good :D

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