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The Crooked Man - Review & Download Link

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile. 
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile. 
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse. 
And they all lived together in a crooked little house.

Hi everyone it’s me again Kynte and I have a new review of an RPG-Maker game called The Crooked Man by URI and was translated by vgperson/vjhime. And for those people who wants to download the game just scroll down at the very bottom of this post to find the download link. Just skip the Ad (located at the very top-right corner) and you’ll get to the download page.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers and disturbing images. Read at your risk.

Graphics – The in-game graphics is pretty much good compare to Misao though I don’t like the character illustrations of TCM (The Crooked Man. Too lazy to type the whole title so I’ll go with TCM). It reminds me of old animes in 90’s (the dots on their noses) and it doesn’t really fit their respective character sprites specially the David and The Crooked guy. The Crooked guy was like an emo-goth punk who wanders around gaying up David. And his neck is not crook at all! 

The cut scenes images were good and TCM’s grotesque images was creepy as hell ... nicely done there in my opinion.

Sounds – Audio was really good it gives more scary-factor especially when David first encounter the crooked man. It was like RAWR and I was wearing headset I scream WAAAH! What the fuck. Man that really scary. 
Interface – So far the best interface I’ve seen in an RPG Maker game lol. I really like the 3D effects when changing pages in the save logs, items and exit. Plus you can see the characters in the save log which is cute in my opinion *laughs*.
Characters – Casting is very poor if you ask me because almost the entire cast doesn’t much interact with each other and the main protagonist is … well you can say a freaking failure to all kinds and is too kind to help others. Seems generic to me it reminds me of some anime and its awful plot, that I will mention later in this post. The 3 ghosts are utterly doesn’t have relation with each other or with TCM or with Duke. The author didn’t make it clear who they are in the end … it’s really vague and shit. 

And about Shirley … I don’t like her character. 
Story – The Crooked Man focuses on action and finding the previous tenant in David’s apartment than horror. Have you ever heard the manga or anime called Naruto? The story is like that. David is Naruto trying to get back or find Sasuke (The previous tenant of the apartment. His name is Duke if you beat the game) and they have John Smith too! How cool this game can be?! :O! 

Seriously though, the story is pretty much depressing, complex and you get to learn more and more stuff about David and the other cast. I’ve said the casting is bad but atleast David grow some back bone as the story progresses. What I kinda don’t understand why would someone look after someone who doesn’t even know his face or knows a little about him. It’s odd but hey it’s horror we get things like that in horror games most of the time so yeah it was pretty decent, the story. 

I won’t recommend this game to people who is depress right now. The game itself is all about failures in life so it might trigger something bad to people who’s experiencing failures in life. So yeah, don’t play this if you are depress or sad or had a quarrel with your family! 
Recommendation – As I’ve said don’t play this if you are depress, sad or had a quarrel with your family it will make you even more depress. But overall it was a nice game with lots of story in it. If a person is looking for horror I won’t recommend it though. This game is rather surprising than scary … anything else, I’ll rate The Crooked Man a 7/10. 

Moreover, I kinda don’t like the extra adds on in the second ending. You need to re-play the whole game to get to see that extras seriously I don’t want to waste my time playing the same content for almost 4 hours just for some additional stuff in endings. I’d rather go over Youtube and wait for someone to upload a video of the second play than wasting time replaying the game. 

PS: The last battle was seriously hard! =) 
Bugs: I notice 3 bugs in this game. First when you are in battle-mode with the Crooked Man try to press ESC then choose ITEM and keep on pressing ENTER on Blue-colored items it will keep on attacking though it suppose to get pause but won’t make any damage. Second is in the abandon Hospital when David was about to chase Fluffy and he heard a lady laughing try to get to the rooftop instead of going to the Other Room you’ll get to see Fluffy playing with the Crooked Man. It was hilarious though. I was like WTF they tricked me! Last is the final battle with the Crooked Man before the attic, I think David is suppose to be standing while talking with the Crooked guy but I was able to move and can get outside while he was talking with Mister Crooked. 
Plus the clock wasn’t translated lol. I don’t care much it wasn’t a bug. 
That’s a freaking Marlboro! 

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